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On this page, I will be tracking my FI Ratio and monthly passive income from investments and compare it with my current average monthly expenses.  I’m hoping that this will help me to be constantly updated in regards to how my one million goal and financial freedom goes by, and take future investing or life decisions accordingly, if possible.

I will be tracking my journey towards financial freedom from two different perspectives.

  • Taking my Net Worth into account – For that, I will use the CashFlow Cop FI Score Test (FIST) calculator. Same as my Net Worth, it will be updated once per quarter. I already spend some time on my investment tracker spreadsheet, so using this calculator will save me some of it, making my journey less time-consuming.
  • Comparing my average monthly expenses with my current passive income level out of my active investment portfolio, the one I am aiming to raise up to a million, hopefully before I pass away! My main streams of passive income derived from stock dividends, interest from bonds, rental properties (property crowdfunding) and interests from P2P/B lending.

Monthly Passive Income

  • Passive income in 2018: 1,715 €
  • Passive income so far in 2019: 3,265

Total monthly passive income

passive income one million journey

Passive Income by Asset Comparision

Passive income by asset comparison one million journey

FI Ratio (based on Net Worth)

  • Last update: 21/07/2019 (updated quarterly)
  • FI ratio: 44% (42% before)
  • FI score: 512 (531 before)
  • Years to FI: 8.58 (8.69 before)
FI score test cash flow cop one million journey
Click on the image to take the test

FI Ratio (based on current passive income)

  • Average monthly expenses: 1200 €
  • Average savings ratio (since blog starting date): 39.5%
  • Current monthly passive income: 404
  • FI ratio = (Monthly PI / A. Monthly expenses) *100 = (404/1200)*100 = 33.7%
FI Ratio Aug-19 one million journey

Finally, how are other EU FI-bloggers doing?

Borrowed from the TheWeathyFinn


  1. Cashflow Cop April 24, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    Hey Tony! It’s nice to see the FI Score Test is useful for you. Thanks for sharing it with others.

  2. route2fi May 2, 2019 at 8:25 pm

    Haha. Laughed of this: “after being arrested due to my bad financial habits 😉”
    Great post, amigo!
    How did you start with matched betting? Link? Sounds interesting!

    1. Tony May 2, 2019 at 8:45 pm

      Hey, I’m glad it made you laugh haha.

      I think match betting is only allowed in the UK, I am not so sure about it though as I am new into this, better to ask Google 😉

  3. The Working At Home Man May 8, 2019 at 9:15 pm

    Hi Tony,
    One of the main reasons that I got into blogging was to keep track of my investments and goals to becoming financially independent. Just by graphing your passive income each month, your motivated to save and earn more!
    I wonder, if you ran a trend-line through your total monthly passive income, would the dates match up (i.e. you reach financial independence in 8.7 years)?
    I would think that that measure would be as effective as plugging everything into the calculator.

    1. Tony May 9, 2019 at 7:12 pm

      Hi Matt,

      That is one of the main reasons I started too, and I couldn’t agree more with it. It motivates me and helps me to stick to my main goal while learning and connecting with others 🙂

      Mmmmm… Will it match up? Technically it should resemble at least, I need to try that out! Thanks for the idea!

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