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Welcome at the One Million Journey net worth page. My main lifetime financial goal is to reach a one million Euros investment portfolio. The net worth includes cash that I have available to keep as an emergency fund or to invest in my portfolio, plus inherited real estate properties.

As you probably know, net worth is calculated as Assets minus Liabilities. In my case, I have no liabilities, so it turns easier for me: Assets = Net Worth

If interested, you can read and learn more about the basics of net worth and how it is calculated in this post.

  • Last Update: 13/04/2020 (updated quarterly)
  • Value: 410,907€ -7.4% since Q4 2019
  • Investment portfolio / Goal ProgressHERE

Net Worth Balance Sheet History

Fourth Quarter 2019 – 443,865 Q4 2019 Net Worth Balance Sheet

Third Quarter 2019 – 434,880 Q3 2019 Net Worth Balance Sheet

Second Quarter 2019 – 410,460 € Q2 2019 Net Worth Balance Sheet

First Quarter 2019 – 400,175 € Read Blog Post Update

Q1 2020 Net Worth Balance Sheet

Q1 2020 Net worth one million journey

* Self-assessed, compared with similar-sized properties in the area

Net Worth Distribution

Real Estate makes up 65.4% 67% 68% 71% of my total assets. I have no plans to own more, for now, but plan to buy a house to raise a family when settled. The industrial warehouse is rented out to a printing house company an adds a little over 1000€/month of gross passive income. My mum enjoys most of it, so I don’t count it as a passive income but as an occasional or gift income. The main cause of Q1 Net Worth’s drop is caused by the value depreciation of my residential flat in Spain. This is given by a third party website for free, giving, as a result, an inaccurate estimation, but accurate enough for the purpose of tracking my net worth.

My investment portfolio makes up 24.3% 24% 23% 21% of my total assets. The 34% 42% 42% 47% 55% of it is invested in alternative investments assets like P2P/B lending and Real Estate Crowdfunding. I have reduced my exposure during Q1 2020, withdrawing interests and principal payments out of most platforms since Envestio scam. I used this cash to start off a little dividend growth portfolio, which I plan to continue growing out of freeing P2P cash. My investment portfolio provides me with a TTM average of 414 416 400 EUR/month of passive income.

Stocks make up 12% 7.6% 7% 5.4% of my total assets. I increased my monthly pension contributions from a minimum of 15% to 20%. Government tax reliefs will increase accordingly, so I expect the stake on stocks to take more prominence over time. Most of my monthly income is used to purchase stocks at this stage.

Corporate bonds make up 2.3% 4.1% 4% of my total assets. The stock market drop caused by the coronavirus outbreak increased the purchase value of my corporate bonds considerably. I sold a percentage of it on the green to buy falling stocks at a cheaper price, pretty much as I had planned on my one million journey plan statement.

Treasury Bills, my safest investment, makes up 1.1% 2% of my total assets. The same story as with my corporate bonds — sold high to buy low on stocks.

Cash makes up 8.8% 8% 7.4% 6.7% of my total assets. Our settling status remains unclear — and now more than ever with current unprecedented outlook. So I still prefer to have a good cushion as an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses or to be used as a down payment for a house.

Others (car) make 1.4% 1.5% 1.6% of my total assets. None of my cars has suffered any damaged and work just fine. In 2019, I bought a *SUPER* Fordkari, which is not as attractive as a Ferrari but it does a good job of moving myself around for a few bucks. Just make sure you check it out! 😉

Liquid / Illiquid Assets Chart

  • Liquid: 97,670€ 94,223€ 88,733€ 74,934€
  • Illiquid: 312,687€ 346,304€ 338,189€ 335,526€
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