Welcome at the One Million Journey net worth page. My main lifetime financial goal is to reach a one million Euros investment portfolio. The net worth includes cash that I have available to keep as an emergency fund or to invest in my portfolio, plus inherited real estate properties.

As you probably know, net worth is calculated as Assets minus Liabilities. In my case, I have no liabilities, so it turns easier for me: Assets = Net Worth

If interested, you can read and learn more about the basics of net worth and how it is calculated in Investopedia.

  • Last Update: 03/01/2021 (updated quarterly)
  • Value: 449,049€ +6% since Q3 2020
  • Investment portfolio / Goal ProgressHERE

One Million Journey Net Worth Evolution

NW Balance Sheet History

  • Fourth Quarter 2020 – 449,049 €

Q4 2020 Net Worth Balance Sheet

Net Worth Q4 2020 one million jouney

Net Worth Distribution

Real Estate makes up 56.9% 64% 65.1% 65.4% 67% 68% 71% of my total assets. This counts for my properties in Spain. We live and work in the UK and rent a studio flat. As we are looking into settling here for a longer-term, we hope to be able to purchase a home someday. The industrial warehouse is rented out to a printing house company an adds a little over 1000€/month of gross passive income. My mum enjoys most of it, so I don’t count it as a passive income but as an occasional or gift income.

My investment portfolio makes up 25.6% 25% 24.4% 24.3% 24% 23% 21% of my total assets. The 22% 24% 34% 42% 42% 47% 55% of it is invested in alternative investments assets like P2P/B lending and Real Estate Crowdfunding. Ideally, I would like to reduce my exposure to this asset down to 10%. My investment portfolio provides me with a TTM average of 310 €/m 373 414 416 400 of passive income. In Q2 2020 I took the decision to start shifting my investment strategy towards global funds accumulators. This decision has a direct impact on my passive income stream. I explain more here.

Stocks make up 16.6% 14.6% 14% 12% 7.6% 7% 5.4% of my total assets. I currently contribute at least £1000 £600 a month into my Trading212* Stocks & Shares ISA, which holds the Vanguard ETF FTSE All-World GBP CITS (USD) Accumulating, with the ticker VWRP.

Bonds make up 3.7% 4% 4.3% 3.3% of my total assets. During Q2 I sold all my corporate bonds to purchase a global bond accumulator instead. I explained this a bit further in my April portfolio update.

Cash makes up 9.4% 9% 8.8% 8% 7.4% 6.7% of my total assets. Unfortunately, due to our personal situation, we think it is prudent to keep a good amount of cash in the bank, despite the value depreciation it may suffer from inflation.

Others (car) make 1% 1.2% 1.4% 1.5% 1.6% of my total assets. None of my cars has suffered any damaged and work just fine. In 2019, I bought a *SUPER* Fordkari, which is not as attractive as a Ferrari but it does a good job of moving myself around for a few bucks. Just make sure you check it out! 😉

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