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Welcome at the One Million Journey net worth page. My main lifetime financial goal is to reach a one million Euros investment portfolio. The net worth includes cash that I have available to keep as an emergency fund or to invest in my portfolio, plus inherited real estate properties.

As you probably now, net worth is calculated as Assets minus Liabilities. In my case I have no liabilities, so it turns easier for me: Assets = Net Worth

  • Last Update: 24/03/2019 (updated quaterly)
  • Value: 400,175 €
  • Comments to last updateHERE
  • Investment portfolio / Goal ProgressHERE

Net Worth Balance Sheet

Net worth one million journey

* Self-assessed, compared with similar sized properties in the area

Net Worth Distribution Chart

  • Real Estate: 284,197 €
  • Investments: 71,817 €
  • Cash: 37,761 € – covers 2 years of 1500€/month expenses
  • Others (car): 6400 €
Net worth Distribution March-19 one million journey

Liquid / Illiquid Assets Chart

  • Liquid: 69,916 €
  • Illiquid: 323,859 €
Liquid and Iliquid Asset distribution March-19 one million journey
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