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Welcome at the One Million Journey net worth page. My main lifetime financial goal is to reach a one million Euros investment portfolio. The net worth includes cash that I have available to keep as an emergency fund or to invest in my portfolio, plus inherited real estate properties.

As you probably now, net worth is calculated as Assets minus Liabilities. In my case I have no liabilities, so it turns easier for me: Assets = Net Worth

  • Last Update: 12/10/2019 (updated quaterly)
  • Value: 434,800 410,460 +5.9% since last quarter
  • Investment portfolio / Goal ProgressHERE

Net Worth Balance Sheet History

Second Quarter 2019 – 410,460 € Read Net Worth Balance Sheet

First Quarter 2019 – 400,175 € Read Blog Post Update

Net Worth Current Balance Sheet

Net Worth Third Quarter 2019

* Self-assessed, compared with similar sized properties in the area

Net Worth Distribution

Real Estate makes up 68% 71% of my total assets. I have no plans to own more, for now, but plan to buy a house to raise a family soon. The industrial warehouse is rented by a printing house company an adds a little over 1000€/month of gross passive income. My mum enjoys most of it, so I don’t count it as a passive income but as an occasional income, though this will change soon.

My investment portfolio makes up 23% 21% of my total assets. The 10% is invested in alternative investments like P2P/B lending and Real Estate Crowdfunding. Considering the risks, this is the limit I am happy to invest via crowdfunding platforms for now. However, I will keep diversifying among platforms and even include new ones. My investment portfolio provides me with an average of 400 EUR/month of passive income.

Stocks make up 7% 5.4% of my total assets. I joined back the pension scheme from my employer in the UK to enjoy from the employer contributions and tax reliefs. So far I have contributed 47%, my employer 43% and the “government” 10%.

Corporate bonds make up 4.1% 4% of my total assets. These are a mix of short-term and mid/long-term bonds from the USA. Yields are low 3.5% but provide a defeinsivestatus on my S&S ISA portfolio.

Treasury Bills, my safest investment, makes up 2% of my total assets, same proportion as last quarter.

Cash makes up 7.4% 6.7% of my total assets. Our settling status remains unclear, so I still prefer to have a good cushion as an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses or to be used as a down payment for a house.

Others (car) make 1.5% 1.6% of my total assets. The value of my cars decrease over time, so I have counted this in. I bought a new FordKari in August, it’s a super machine worth checking out! 😉

Net worth Distribution Third Quarter 2019
Net Worth Distribution Chart Third Quarter 2019

Liquid / Illiquid Assets Chart

  • Liquid: 88,733 74,934 €
  • Illiquid: 338,189 € 335,526 €
Liquid and Iliquid Asset distribution Third Quarter 2019
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