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Housers One Million Journey


Housers is a 2015 founded Spanish crowdfunding platform that enables individuals to invest in real estate projects in Spain, Portugal, and Italy from as little as 50 €. The platform specializes mainly in collateral backed investments in Buy-to-Let, Buy-to-Sell and Development loans. Read more here.

Housers Promotional Code

Housers promotional code: HERE (Get 25 EUR cashback for a 50 EUR minimum investment if using my link).

Portfolio Evolution

  • Last update: 01/01/2020
  • Inception date: 26/03/2018
  • Total Deposits: 6,736 EUR
  • Total Withdrawals: -287 EUR
  • Total Income: 359.6 EUR
  • Expected annual returns: 5%
  • XIRR: 3.42 %
Grupeer One million journey

Main Events

December 2018: Delayed rental income from Estadio Nacional and monthly rent agreement lower than expected.

January 2019: First Buy-to-Sell investment exited three months earlier with a 7.95% AER, which is better than the expected 7.1% AER.

February 2019: Second Buy-to-Sell investment exited with 6.1% AER, which is lower than the expected 7.2% AER. Three BTL investments didn´t payout.

March 2019: Issues with the principal repayment of Albufera development loan due to the delay on the building permit from the Alfafar town hall. Lesson learned: Do not invest in development loans without granted building permissions.

April 2019: Several of my BTL investments don´t payout. The platform seems to be experiencing serious internal issues and struggles to manage investments efficiently.

May 2019: Income seems to pick up.

June 2019: A development loan exits successfully.

July 2019: Albufera loan extension is granted following the results of investors’ online vote. Housers continues to disappoint in regards to rental income.

August 2019: Albufera loan starts paying monthly interest including a 2% monthly penalty fee. Income recovers.

September 2019: Hold on a sec! Nearly all my investments paid out this month?!

October 2019: Well… That didn´t last too long!

November 2019: First Buy-to-Let investment sold after the 20th month with an IRR of 4.15% against and the estimated 6.29% 🙁

December 2019: Monec Barcelona doesn’t pay because of door maintenance issues (are tenants animals or what?). Payments delays on Tirso de Molina BTL.

My Current Mood With Housers

Not too happy, planning to reduce portfolio size in the future. Although, I like that both, Housers and Lemon Way are regulated entities.

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